Monday, 20 April 2015

The Blessing of Scripture

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a really busy week this week which was so nice! We found 2 new investigators that are awesome and we're excited to start working with them! It's been starting to feel like spring here finally and it's been great!

This is the cute little Sabado family. Our investigator, Tricia will be baptized on May 17th.
Um.. worst thing of this week.. I got proposed to.. by a Turkish man. Like, no word of a lie.. End of the first lesson.. saying goodbye.. yep.. Super awkward. I literally fear ever running into him again. Haha

Excuse me while I get a little bit spiritual on ya, but it is insane to me that I only have a little over 2 months left in my mission. I don't even know how that happened.. But, I am so grateful for every single thing that I have learned. I've been going back a lot lately and writing down how I've felt and what I've experienced throughout my mission and I am so humbled that the Lord has loved me enough to allow me to experience something so.. difficult, yet so rewarding. I know that my testimony of Him and of His gospel has absolutely transformed and I can't think of anything more important for me in my life.

I want to try to express to you all how much I LOVE reading the scriptures. They seriously meet every single one of my needs. This week I was reading in the New Testament, in the book of Acts. These are some of the references that stuck out to me. Acts 20:19. ".. serving the Lord with all humility of mind.. with many tears and temptations." If we are truly on the Lord's errand we must serve Him with all humility of mind.. Meaning, that we purely desire to submit to His will in all things, whether those things are uplifting to us or feel like a burden in that current moment. I know that it has required so much of my humility to accept the trials and setbacks that have come to me while I have been serving the Lord. But, had I not been humble in accepting them, I would have missed the incredibly important lessons that the Lord needed to teach me. Being enlisted in the Lord's work is the most rewarding thing that we can do with our time, but it doesn't mean it is easy. Elder Jeffrey R. Holland once said, "how could we expect it to be easy for us when it was never, ever easy for Him?"

Acts 20:23-24. "In every city.. afflictions abide me, but none of these things move me.. that I might finish my course with joy." As I have said before, I would have never expected my mission experience to have been this way and there have been times where I have felt that the things that I face are too overwhelming, but no matter how hard it has appeared to be I have never had a day where I didn't go to bed at night knowing that the Lord loved me and was by my side. He is the rock upon which we need to build our foundation, and with Him we can find happiness, regardless of the circumstances that surround us.

I know that we are so lucky to have the scriptures. I bear testimony that as we liken them unto ourselves, we will realize that they are not merely stories or experiences from those in times of old but they are truly a guide for us today, they are the way that the Lord comforts us in our times of need. They will give you answers to any question, concern of fear that you might have. They are specific to each and everyone of us and I know that they are true.

I hope and pray that all of you are well and are happy..  I know that each one of us has things in our lives that trouble us. I truly can promise that every burden we bear will be made lighter through understanding the gospel of Jesus Christ and the power of His Atonement. Have patience with the struggles you face and have faith that your Heavenly Father knows you and the things you feel. I love this gospel so much and I am so grateful for all of the things that I have learned and for the ways that I have grown in closeness to my Savior.

With much love,
Motra Vermunt

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