Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Hey everyone! 

So, this week went by really fast.. and I feel like nothing super exciting happened, so sorry if this e-mail is kinda lame.. 

But this last Wednesday we had zone conference and Sister Rasmussen and I gave a training on how to receive answers from the Holy Ghost. Personally, I think it went really well.. a lot of other people told us that it did too.. So, that was really fun. We bought starbursts to throw at people to encourage participation.. Nothing is worse than asking questions and trying to facilitate a discussion and just having no one make contributions. It was great though!

In my personal studies recently, I've been reading general conference sessions.It's making me so exciting for the upcoming April session. We are so blessed to be able to listen to the words of a modern day prophet and his apostles. One of the most incredible things that I've found as I've been going through different years and things like that is that there is always a theme, and so many of the talks have the same concepts or explain one another and it's just such a strong testimony to the fact that the Lord truly speaks His will through the words of His servants. None of the conference talk topics are assigned, each speaker prays and seeks to know by the Spirit to know what they should speak about, and by the end of the conference you are always able to depict the message that the Lord is trying to get through to us. 

One AMAZING thing about our area right now is that each investigator that Sister Rasmussen and I have picked up have been member referrals. This week, we received 4! It's not that we don't go tracting or contact people on the street because we try to find that way but our members have been so incredible and have just invited their friends to events or to church or they have had friends in their home when we go to visit them. As missionaries we do a lot to try to find God's elect.. but as I go throughout my mission I come to understand that people are so much more receptive to us when they have their friends and family bring them to the gospel. Let's be real.. how nice are any of us to the random people that show up at our door throughout the day.. 

Probably one of the highlights of my week this week was we were in a parking lot waiting for something and I saw a semi truck with a shqiponja on it.. (the double-headed eagle that is on the Albanian flag.) I seriously wanted to like, die and run the truck down to talk to the Albanian man that was driving it.. I didn't. But, I wanted to. 

Well, we're just moving along here in Barrie. Things are good.. The weather is improving.. kind of, so that's nice. But yeah! I hope everyone had a great week! Happy Monday :) 

Motra Vermunt

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