Monday, 12 January 2015

Where did this week go?

Hey everyone,

This past week seemed to go by so fast and that's insane. We had a lot of meetings and things to do so that probably helped it move along a little bit. But it's been a good week! 

So, on Wednesday we went down to Tirana for MLC and that was awesome! Seriously, I think that will be the biggest benefit of being a Sister Training Leader. It's so awesome! The AP's revealed the goals for 2015 and I'm SO excited about them. So, the goal is that each companionship averages 4 baptisms a transfer (3 month period). In all honesty, I think that there is probably room for some doubt in there. Especially from a Kosovo standpoint. But seriously, when President told us about how he came to this goal and how the Lord confirmed to him the goal.. I was so overcome with the Spirit, and I can truly say that I walked out of that meeting with the expectation that these goals will be achieved. It has changed my aspect on everything. I know that these things are possible! Rather than simply praying to Heavenly Father to ask Him to help me with these goals, I pray to Him to lead me to the people that He has prepared. To show me where they are. I know that they are there, I have so much faith in President Weidmann and in the Lord.. I know that these goals are inspired and that we will see great things come to pass in 2015. 

Thursday we had zone training up in Prishtina and I love that city! It's so different from Albania.. You kind of like.. feel like you're actually in Europe. It's crazy! But it was good and then we had some way good Thai food and that was great. As STL's we give a training at these meetings and I really enjoyed being able to study and do that. We trained about the difference between being honourable missionaries and valiant missionaries. I loved studying about that!! I think the difference is where our hearts are at. If our hearts are completely thrown into this work and we give our all to it, then we become those valiant servants and the Lord enables us with His power to do great things. An honourable missionary does what he or she is told and does all the right things.. But might lack that spirit or that desire that really pushes us forward.

There have been a lot of experiences that have been showing us that it really is the time for sisters to be here. We've been able to really reach people that have been struggling for a long time. I love that, and we have actually found some investigators too! We have an investigator on a baptismal date for the 14th of February so we're excited about that. 

The Tooley's have been so incredible. We do a lot with them, Elder Tooley is the branch president so I do a lot of translating for him. I've already felt an increase in my ability to speak by just having to step up and help him. The Tooley's are so sweet. They are going home in April, and they said that they truly feel so blessed right now because they are ending their mission with the "best" missionaries they've worked with. I love them so much, they really bring so much light to us. 

Anyway, things are going well up here in Gjakova. It snowed again last night :( Why.. but yeah. I hope that you are all doing well! May the Lord bless you.

With love from Kosovo, 
Motra Vermunt

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