Monday, 19 January 2015

Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo… all in 1 day!

Hello family!!!

Okay, this last week was CRAZY. On Monday night we get a call from the Assistants and they're like "hey.. so we planned your week for you." So, basically a new Macedonian missionary was coming in and we had to pick her up and take her to Macedonia.. But she had a bunch of trainings and things to do in Tirana.. So.. this was our week: 
On Monday we drove to Macedonia and picked up the new sisters' companion, Sister Schofield and then we drove back to Gjakova and stayed the night.. Woke up at 5 the next morning because we had to be in Tirana the next morning to pick up her new companion at the airport. Sister Barch is the new sister and she's super great, she's going to do awesome in Skopje. So then after that we drove to the mission office and took care of some things. 

Then, because Sister Schofield and Barch had some trainings to do, Sister Boettinger and I went to Tirana 2nd ward to do some work with the sisters there. This was such an amazing opportunity because I got to go with a sister that was struggling with some things that I could help her with. I know that it was inspired for us to go to T2 and I was so grateful for the opportunity to spend some time with her and help her overcome some of her difficulties.

After that, President and Sister Weidmann took us out for dinner and it was so nice!!! I loved it, it was the best. The Weidmann's are seriously 2 of my most favourite people on the planet. I just love them.. But the BEST part was that we got to stay the night at the MISSION HOME. The mission home is a palace as far as I'm concerned. I loved being there. We literally just got to sit and chill with President and Sister Weidmann and just talk to them like our own parents. It was so incredible and I will probably cherish that experience forever, I loved it. Sometimes I think that Sister Weidmann doesn't even know what to do with me haha, I just make her laugh all the time. I love her so much. But yeah, and then the next morning we had a little training with everyone and guess what everyone.. Elder Waters, the one from my group who had a seizure in the airport? HE'S BACK. I'm so excited.. I got to see him and I wanted to like cry.. I was so excited. 

Anyway.. So, I just want to take a second to tell you that driving in Tirana is literally a sick joke. It's a madhouse. If anyone wants to develop the Christlike attribute of patience I invite them to drive around Tirana, Albania. No one obeys road laws. NO ONE. Lanes..  not a thing. But anyway, so.. we finally get all the way out of the city, Kosovo bound and the AP's call and tell us that they accidentally put President's insurance papers in our car and that we have to go back to the mission office... at the opposite end of the city. So.. needless to say, we didn't get back to Skopje until late. 

Skopje is seriously incredible. I love it. It's beautiful, it's such a cool city!! So.. we did an exchange with the other sisters in Skopje and that was awesome. So we ended up staying 2 nights in Skopje. But, I love exchanges so much. I was with Sister Hassle and she just got into the mission like 2 months ago, and it was so awesome to be with her. She had a lot of questions and concerns and as I answered them or helped give her my insight I was just overwhelmed with how much I have learned, and the missionary that I've become over this past year. I was so humbled to recognize how much my experiences have shaped me and have helped me to become so much stronger in my faith and in my understanding of the Lord and His ways. 

We finally got back to Gjakova on Saturday and we were just dead tired. Seriously.. So much driving! But, we had a lesson and got 3 new investigators! So.. that was a blessing for sure. For now, Sister Boettinger and I are just grateful to have a normal week.. We haven't had one yet.. I guess that's the life of a Gjakova STL. But I'm excited to feel like a real missionary again! 

Well, I hope you all have a good week! Love you!!!

With love from Gjakova, 
Sister Vermunt

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