Monday, 15 December 2014

Lift where you stand

Hello again!

This last week was another amazing week and I'm feeling so blessed to be a missionary at this time of the year. I can't think of a better way to spend Christmas than to preach about the Savior and His gospel. 

A lot of amazing things happened this week.. one of them being that SARA WAS BAPTIZED. She's so amazing, I love her! One of the senior elders, Elder Smith said that Sara has a countenance about her and it is so true. She does, she is one of the elect. We've had so many experiences with her where the Spirit has testified to us that she has been prepared by the Lord to find the gospel at this time. Her baptism was amazing. President Weidmann attended and he bore his testimony and it was amazing. Seriously, so wonderful. Nothing is more  fulfilling than seeing someone you love so much make a sacred covenant and move closer to their Heavenly Father. 

We were also able to meet with the mother of one our members and she's INCREDIBLE. She's on a baptismal date for the 26th of December. She just is so ready to accept the gospel and to do what is right. She's awesome and we're working a lot with her. 

You guys.. Elona, is doing SO well. We met with her in the beginning of the week and she was like, "If there's anyone that's addicted to coffee.. it's me." So, we taught her Word of Wisdom and she was just like.. I'll try. We just asked her to gradually drink less and less.. But the next day we saw her and she's said that she hadn't drank any coffee at ALL. And to this day she has not had any at all. She got a blessing from Pajtim and she is seriously just progressing SO much in her faith. It is amazing. I can't even explain to you.. She was like, afraid of missionaries before and now she's just.. OH MY GOODNESS, I'm just so excited. 

Our area is exploding right now, great things are happening. We're just finding a lot of young women who are just so receptive to the gospel message and I'm so grateful to the Lord for the trust that He has instilled in Sister Coleman and I to be able to work with these people. 

So.. this week I turn 20, I'm pretty excited. It's a Sunday so we'll just be doing missionary work which is awesome. But I'm excited to not be a teenager anymore :) Haha. 

Truly, I feel so blessed to be a missionary right now, I love these people so much and I'm just so grateful for everything that the Lord has allowed me to experience. I hope that you all are enjoying your Christmas season and are continually remembering the true meaning of Christmas and the first gift that was given to us, even our Savior, Jesus Christ. 

Me dashuri te madhe, 

Motra Vermunt

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