Thursday, 25 December 2014

I'm not a little girl, I'm 20


I literally can't believe that it's Christmas already.. I just got off of Skype with mom and dad and that was fun! It's weird because it seems like I've been gone for a long time but at the same time.. not. I don't know. But, this Christmas is DEFINITELY different than some past Christmases. No snow.. So weird. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all, and most Albanians don't even really treat this like a holiday at all. 

We woke up this morning and opened some presents and then had breakfast with other missionaries. It was really good! I feel kinda fried and so I'm not sure how long or how good of quality this e-mail will be. 

This past week, a lot of good things happened. A lot of people are out of town and stuff and so there's not too much work to be done. It's coming to the end of the transfer and sometimes you just get kinda burnt out toward the end.. Especially with the holidays its been kind of crazy. 

BUT! Sister Coleman and I have been seeing CRAZY success. We currently have 12 investigators on baptismal dates and we've just seen the gospel change so many hearts. One investigator we have is an 18 year old girl named Zana.. She was in our English course and I just didn't feel like she was that interested in the gospel.. But, we invited her to baptism in our second lesson with her and she just completely changed after watching the He is the Gift video.. THAT VIDEO IS A MIRACLE. I promise you!! Anyway, she was coming to meet us to go to the stake Christmas party and the friend that she was coming with got hit by a car. She said that as that stressful situation was happening she just cried and held her Book of Mormon. And her Grandpa read the WHOLE book in one night and has folded over TONS of pages of the Book of Mormon that contain things that are important things for her to know. Miracles you guys.. miracles. They happen. She's doing great! 

I'm still doing awesome with Sister Coleman, I love her guts and it's been such a good transfer with her. But, 3 month transfers are so long it seems like FOREVER, crazy. 

Elona is doing so good, she passed her interview on my birthday and she's just doing so wonderfully. When she heard that transfers were coming up, she started to cry!! It was so heartbreaking. I love these people more than anything!!! I feel so blessed to work with them. I cannot even explain it to you. I love being a missionary. 

I wish all of you a Merry Christmas, and I hope with all of my heart that we can all remember why we celebrate Christmas and try to dedicate ourselves to knowing and understanding the Savior. We are so blessed to have a loving Redeemer who knows us and loves us individually. I know that He indeed is the greatest gift that we have ever received. 

Family, I love you with all of my heart!!! It was so good to hear your voices and see your faces, I miss you all and I wish that I could be with you at this special time of the year, but I love being a missionary SO much and I just feel so privileged to dedicate myself to the Lord and to this great work. 

HAVE A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS!! Gezuar Krishtlindjet! 


Motra Vermunt 

p.s, I'm 20!!! Woohoo!!! Thanks to everyone who sent me birthday e-mails!

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