Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Colds & Kidney Stones

Happy Monday everybody!

I hope this e-mail finds you all well and happy.. this past week for us Tirana 4th ward Sisters has definitely been a trying one.

So.. Sister Pitcher came down with a cold this week.. So literally we were pretty much in the house. all. week. I thought I was going to go INSANE. She slept a lot during the day because at night she couldn't really sleep.. So, I listened to talks, cleaned the house and learned Albanian words like all week.. Also, lots of calls were made to other missionaries so that I could stay sane. Honestly, it was really hard.. I feel like at any other time in my life I would have loved an excuse to chill at home in my PJ's all day.. But out here, I was like.. I don't even feel like a missionary anymore. I just wanted to go out and do stuff. It was super hard for me. 

But, a highlight of the week was that on Wednesday we had zone training and President Weidmann was there. The zone training was 7 hours! But I absolutely loved it. Seriously.. I have one of the best mission presidents ever. I have never met someone that exudes the Spirit as much as him. He's incredible. Everything that he does is with so much love for us and for the work and for the the Lord and it's just so inspiring. His example is amazing. My companion and I both noticed how he treats his wife. Seriously you guys, it's the cutest thing I've ever seen. He is always so concerned about her and whether she's comfortable or taken care of and he just treats her with this gentle kindness and every time I watch him do those little things for her I'm just like.. okay.. I want to marry someone like you. You're awesome. Anyway.. I love my mission president. 

So, it comes to Friday and Sister Pitcher had to sleep in again because she didn't sleep the night before.. and I just kind of sat on the couch and felt like I was up to my eyeballs with feelings of inadequacy and uselessness as a missionary. Seriously, I felt so guilty. Whether it was in my control or not.. It felt terrible. I just wanted to cry. So.. Sister Pitcher wakes up and we eat some breakfast. Toast and hot chocolate to be precise.. and about 20 minutes after eating I was like.. I think I'm going to be sick.. So yep. I got sick again! I was like.. no. I did this whole stomach flu thing last week.. I'm not doing this again! But I felt so nauseous so I was like.. okay, I'm going to go lie down and then we are leaving this house. Seriously. So, I took a nap.. which wasn't really a nap because I felt like death on a Popsicle stick.. and then I get up out of bed.. and I literally felt like I had been run over by a truck. My entire core just felt so tight and hurt so bad, my head was pounding and stuff and then I went to talk to Sister Pitcher and she was like "WHAT!" I looked in the mirror and my eyes were totally bloodshot. It was FREAKY. So.. she called the mission nurse.. Sister Andrews was like.. um, yeah I have no idea. So we decided that if I didn't feel better throughout the afternoon that I ought to go to the hospital.

I was absolutely determined not to go. So.. we left the house FINALLY :) We went and watched the Restoration with one of the Elders' investigators.. and seriously throughout that movie I just wanted to fold in half my back killed so bad.. I was like what is this nonsense. Then there was a baptism for 3rd ward after.. So that was nice.. But during the baptism the senior couple told me to go home and I wanted to throw a huge fit because I hate my house right now because I'd been in it all week.. Haha, so Sister Pitcher and I are about to leave and we're talking to Elder Rawlings and he's like.. Sister Vermunt, I'm taking you to the hospital. So.. much to my dismay.. the 4 of us go out to the Greek Hospital. It's a nice place. A lot nicer than the Foothills, let me tell ya! So they took some tests and stuff.. did some ultrasounds.. and they found that I have sediments and stuff in my kidneys. So, Mom and Dad.. don't freak out. I'm fine.. Don't you dare call the mission home or anything like that. Haha I have all my medications and things. My favourite ones to take are the pain killers.. I like those ones a lot :) So.. yeah.. this week.. Not my favourite. 

But, from all the talks I read and things I learned a lot of great things.. Developed my spirituality and things like that.. So, there's a plus. But seriously.. We're way taken care of here. Within minutes of hearing that I was ill and in the hospital President was on the phone with Sister Pitcher and things like that. So, yeah. Anyway.. gotta keep things interesting right? So.. each day I've been told to drink 5L of water.. Which I feel is absolutely impossible. But I'm working on it. 

I love you all!! Also.. I'm so excited to hear about the fact that I have a new niece.. I am not pleased, however.. that none of you have sent me pictures. PLEASE send me some.. It's hard not knowing anything that's going on over there! 

With much love from Tirana, 
Sister Vermunt 

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