Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Week 5 at the MTC

Hey family, 

So, I got SO much mail this past week and I'm so grateful.. But, it means that I'm like extra low on time today. So this e-mail might be a little bit shorter. Sorry, I love you all.

Firstly, Mom I got both packages thank you SO much I was so excited. The clothes were such a nice surprise. It was awesome, I love you. Thank you. Um, what the heck.. My parents are like world travelers.. Dad e-mails me from Turkey, Mom from London.. That's crazy. 

I LOVE Leni. So so so so so cute. Tell Mackenzie she's adorable and I expect so many more pictures. 

I'm so sorry that it's so cold in Canada that's crazy. It's so nice and warm here is glorious. But it makes it so hard to be in a classroom all day. Seriously. Okay, so the language is getting slightly easier.. I think. I don't know. I really want to be like perfect right now and that's not gonna happen. But, I'm dying. I just want to be able to express myself like I can in English. But, it's coming slowly but surely. Patience is not a fun thing to develop. But, I'm doing so much more than I would be able to without the Lord's help. I'm serious. 

This week seems to be have gone by so fast, I can't even think about what has happened. It's crazy! My companion leaves in 2 weeks and then I leave 2 weeks after that. That is so freaking fast! Oh my goodness. 

These are my top dudes. Elder Myers, Temple and Waters
I seriously LOVE all of the missionaries here. I'm so grateful for them. Although sometimes I am just overwhelmed by the testosterone that surrounds me, they are like the 14 greatest Elders ever. I die laughing all the time. The funniest one is Elder Simons, his facial expressions are hysterical. I'm always struggling not to laugh at him. Elder Myers is still my top dude. He's so fun and chill and I'd probably not survive if it were not for him. Elder's Bangerter and Watson are the most dedicated and talented missionaries. They have the greatest work ethic and are so obedient. They're great examples. Elder Smoot has the craziest memory. He has like photographic memory and remembers scriptures so well. I wanna have that. Elder Temple is rad like I've said. Elder Waters is from New Zealand and I could just listen to him talk forever because his accent is so cool. And.. ya. 

Sister Sedgwick is going to Estonia and it the ONLY missionary going there. How crazy! She is way fun
This week, my love for the scriptures has grown so much. Honestly, how amazing is it that a book written centuries ago can apply perfectly to what we are going through today. Honestly, answers to any questions can be found in the scriptures. I love them so much. We get an hour of personal study each day and I'm like so sad when that's over because I have been learning so much about the gospel. I love this gospel so much, at the end of each day I just sit and marvel at the things that I am learning and how hard life would be if I didn't have the understanding that I do. That's why I'm so excited to go to Albania, to give people the comfort and peace that I have. We are all so blessed! I have such great faith in the scriptures and in their power to help you in anyway you need. The words are for US. 

Last night in devotional, we had a great member of the seventy come and talk to us. My favourite part of his address was when he said that the Lord sent us here for right NOW. So cool. 
Sister Johnston and Bates are my baby Fins. They're so cute. I love them. Sister Bates reminds me of Ashley Evans and it makes me way happy 

Alright, I love you all. Keep it real. 

Oh and by the way, I'll try and write more next week but.. 

Duke mësuar një gjuhen është shumë i vështirë, por më marr lumturi e madhë. Ju më mungoni!


Motra Vermunt

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