Wednesday, 16 July 2014

From the e-mails I got this week it looks like everyone is doing amazing and I'm so happy about that! You all look like you're having so much fun! I think the thing that really stung though was that the Calgary Airport now has Chick-Fil-A... WHAT. That's glorious!! I know what I'm doing the minute I step off the plane next year.. 

So this past week has been pretty good. Time is a crazy thing, for real.. I feel like I always talk about it, but I just don't even understand.. When it came to weekly planning this week I was like.. Whoa, how is it weekly planning already.. but then when I think about the fact that we're only 3 weeks into this transfer I'm like.. what kind of sick joke is that?! Haha, but whatever. It's half way through July.. so that's pretty cool. I'm so jealous of the fact that y'all get to have fun little BBQ's at the fire pit and stuff. We were walking the other day and I smelt fire and I was like oh my goodness, someone's having like a bonfire or something fun!!! It totally made me die to be home.. when we got closer it was an Albanian man burning garbage and things.. So that was nice. 
Sister Wilding and I

We had another busy week, which is SO fulfilling.. I mean, at the end of each day I literally want to never leave my bed ever again.. But it's so nice. We just see EVERYONE that we can. And this past week, Sister Wilding and I took it upon ourselves to create a giant list of every less active and recent convert in Vlore. We took the list to District Meeting and basically orchestrated a plan to divide and conquer Vlore. By the time I leave this place we're going to have SOLID members. Guys, it's gonna happen. But yeah, so some days it literally feels like I'm walking across this entire city. It's crazy. 

Our investigators are doing pretty good. Viktor Mucaj asked to move up his baptismal date. I just love him, he's the dad of a family of recent converts that we have and he's just so humble and sweet. He just wants to do what's right and he's just the funniest guy. I love him to death. His baptismal date is August 1st! That means that a year or so after if they're all active and doing well that they can go and be sealed together as a family and I can honestly tell you that nothing would bring me more joy. That family is incredible. Sava and Mehmet are a married couple that we're teaching. They're in their late 50's or so and they're just so amazing. Sava talks a mile a minute and she's just going ALL the time. But they're doing really well and they truly are humble followers of Christ. They're progressing toward their baptismal date as well. 

One thing that I've really gained a testimony of this week is how directed this work is by the Lord. So one morning we got up and we were headed out to Sava's and it's like a 30 or so minute walk to her house and so we're headed over there and we run into Sava and Mehmet in the street, and I was seriously was like.. You've got to be kidding me Sava, haha we're on our way to YOUR house right now. We planned this last night.. Haha. But they had something they needed to go and do, so we were like um.. Well.. and I kid you not, no more than 10 minutes later a woman named Alketa calls. We've been wanting to meet with her and try to start teaching her and she was like "I only have time at 11 today, can we meet?" Well, 11 was when we would have been at Sava and Mehmet's.. But since they cancelled we could go!!! So, we went over there and we had a GREAT lesson with Alketa. It truly was a blessing. She's now a new investigator for us :) 

Albainian countryside
Last night we made the trek out to our members house that lives out in a village. It was like a 4 hour journey for us but it was really worth it. My feet hate me.. even today they're super sore.. But what can ya do. We went and visited Klara. We had a good lesson about trusting in the Lord and waiting for His plan to be fulfilled. And she was just so grateful. She was like, I was not expecting you today but it was exactly what I needed.. And then in her prayer she just thanked Heavenly Father for sending us to her to help her. I was so grateful that we could sacrifice our efforts to reach her and I'm so glad that the Lord directed us to go out there for her. 

 Everything's going well down here in Vlorë.. I mean I still feel as though sometimes I'm going to literally melt and DIE, but hey.. It's fun right? I MISS YOU ALL. I already look forward to hearing from you next week and seeing all the fun things that you're doing!


Motra Vërmënt ;)

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